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Hanging it up to dry, oral traditions

I was unable to finish writing this on Tuesday and avoided the internet due to the April Fool's internet worm on Wednesday, so "today" refers to Tuesday and "yesterday" refers to Monday.
Yesterday, Tristan awoke from his nap with a fever. He later got sick (threw up) - and took a bath and then nursed for hours 'til he slept. This morning he woke up, still feverish, saying, "I'm all better now," and decided he wanted to go outside immediately. Getting dressed is usually an hour-long process for him but today he started the process of taking off his own pajamas! What was the lure outside? Besides the beautiful spring weather of course...it was the dirt pile next to our new compost hole. He got to play with his bulldozer and dump truck in the dirt, and use his toy hand shovel and rake, and I, lucky me (seriously) got to hang up our laundry to dry on one of the nearby lines my hubby strung up yesterday. Tristan's fever broke sometime during this playtime, and as I started in on my second load of clothes to hang dry, I got to reap the rewards of this new way of doing laundry: it dries faster in the sun than it does in the machine. And I fold them as I pull them down instead of leaving them in a heap in the basket to fold "later." Not to mention the energy and money I'm saving. Obviously, as a stay-at-home mom I have more time at home than a lot of people do, and it does take a few extra minutes to hang them (although truly not more than 5 minutes for an average load), but I hope by doing this I can inspire others to do this as well. And it was a fun way to be outside with my boy!

A couple of days ago I spontaneously told Tristan the story about Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox and the briar patch. I had my own version that didn’t include tar-baby, but telling it inspired me to look up more of these folk stories usually passed on by oral tradition. I found a plethora of the Brer Rabbit series here. I hope to read through some and tell them to Tristan. He’s always asking for a story and it comes in handy if I can’t read to him, like in the bathtub or while I’m driving or doing some dishes or hanging the laundry!

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Aris said...

And the clothes smell so wonderful too, after drying in the fresh air. Uncle Remus stories are my all time favorite I love De Tar Baby and Wuller de Wust is a great one too. I recently found Song of the South on dvd, it is a bit harder to find as it is not really sold in the US much anymore due to the racial overtones however I always think that interesting since they were stories told by slaves. Well Gennysent zippa dee doo dah and have a wonderful day!!!!