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A lesson in composting

The last few days have been spring cleaning days, and I visited a woman with a compost in her backyard and learned something - mainly, what I've been doing wrong. I've been adding kitchen "green" scraps - banana peels, eggshells, stems, apple and cucumber peelings, etc. that's o.k., but covering them with dirt and adding water every few days. Not supposed to add dirt. Nope. I need grass clippings. This woman has a pile of grass in her compost and she dug her hand in there and said, "Feel how warm it is underneath all that." So I put my hand in the little grass pile and sure enough, it was baking in there! That stuff was doing some serious decomposing. I went out to the street today and got some grass clippings. Hopefully they're not filled with neighbors' chemicals!

Today was an office-cleaning day and I'm hoping this will inspire me to make the shirt I've been wanting to make out of some lovely Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabric. This little Spring Top Week contest is a motivation (see the little button on my sidebar).

Hope everyone's week is going well!

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jenny woods said...

It is pretty amazing how hot the compost pile can become. In the mornings when my husband turns our compost pile, it literally steams because it is so warm! I couldn't believe it until I witnessed it. It is so cool to take waste from your kitchen and garden and turn it into something beneficial.