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Gratitude in contrast

olive tree - muslin, cotton, felt & burlap fabric collage

At the moment, I am thinking of the people in Iran, struggling against their religious rulers for basic rights that I take for granted. My husband has a sister - a lovely, graceful woman with a great sense of humor - who lives there, and we have not heard from her for awhile. She is fine, I'm sure, but certainly she is worried and wondering what happens next. I also wonder what happens next, and have been considering everything I have to be grateful for.
-a roof over my head.
-abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables
-the abililty to get up in the morning and make choices about my life (my own thoughts may be the only obstacles there are to attaining any goals I set up for myself....how lucky I am for that)
-a son with a wonderful sense of humor
-moments of quiet, looking out on a tree filled with green, green leaves
-the rhythm of crocheting while listening to Selected Shorts on my ipod
-the time to allow my son to wander or play as he pleases


Becca said...

Yes. I've been thinking similar thoughts lately, too. Sometimes the stressful everyday stuff weighs me down, but when I get back to some perspective, I can savor the amazing freedoms and simple pleasures I have available to me. Thank you for helping me get that perspective today.

nicola said...

what a powerful post. thank you for the reminder. i used to do a daily gratitude list. i don't, but the concept is still strong for me.
i love the olive tree collage!