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New projects

chain-linked (for It Begins with a Colour...)

Well, I have added 3 Vintage Vignettes to my new sidebar, 2 of them with the bloggers unwittingly writing a perfect post for this little project, and one of them a photo comparison -40 years in the making - between the blogger and her son. I'm so excited about this little collection! 

Strangely enough, the "It Begins with a Colour" project at fellow blogger apples for poppy anne has her project this week that asks for contrasts between man and nature (that's an interpretation I suppose). My project is appropriately a snapshot of time passed (or past?) ...about 24 years in the making, more or less, as this little basket chain has grown and become part of the tangerine tree in our backyard. I hope the chain didn't slow it's growth...poor tree.

I also added another item to my sidebar called Precious Child Moments. I read such a wonderful, giggle-out-loud story of her little boy's determination to sell lemonade despite his lack of lemonade (so, so precious) at the Little Red Caboose blog, that I simply had to start this list. I later read an equally wonderful recount from the Angry Chicken blog of her lovely daughters creating imaginary nations. Such detail could only be told by the parents of these children, who can illustrate in their writing the personality of their children. And I suppose only parents would laugh and coddle and appreciate these moments in the way they are meant to be. I hope you enjoy this list as much as I enjoy making it. If you read something that deserves to be on this list, please let me know since I can only read so much.


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Michelle said...

It's just wonderful to read all of your new ideas & feel the energy from them!!