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Sickness and transformations

blue hydrangea

I have been out of contact for what feels like days as I nurse my little one back to health. He's never had a fever so high, 104 degrees at its highest. He has come in and out of sickness over the past 2 1/2 days, going from feeling well, to tummy ache to feverish and lethargic and back to well again. How it pulls my motherstrings! I think he is on the mend now, for he hasn't had a fever since last night, and felt well enough to go for a short walk this morning. 

Vintage Vignettes is going through a bit of a transformation I will soon share with you. It is very exciting because I so love history and all the little stories individuals hold about their past and the past of those they've loved. I hope I can instill in others some of this passion I have for bygone years and treasures of the old days.

Will post again soon.



Anonymous said...

Hi Genny, I hope your little one is back to 100 percent very soon! He is a lucky boy to have his mother looking after him so tenderly!

gardenmama said...

You are a very sweet Mama, I hope your little guy is back to his healthy self very quickly!
I appreciate that you have added me to your Vintage Vignettes, I look forward to hearing of it's transformation!