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Going Green Gradually update - washrags

climbing flowers - Kauai

My aunt is pretty good at hand work. Did I mention that before? Anything I could ever want to do, she would be the go-to-girl . Between her and my mom, pretty much everything is covered. How lucky is that? Master craftspeople at my fingertips. I'm bragging now. And she might balk at the term, but you get the idea. Even the simplest things, I ask about. Like what kind of yarn to use if I wanted to crochet my own wash rags? I am just about done with the synthetic sponges I bought in bulk last year, and am thinking I won't buy them again. I know I can purchase these on Etsy, but come on now, I can make these (I'm guessing I'm not the only one who says this to herself!) 

When I was growing up, I had a lovely woman as my babysitter, but she became more like a Grandma. She was wonderfully loving and affectionate and kind. I'd like to say I learned as much from her as I did my own mother, and certainly more than any of my grandparents, who all lived in a day's drive away in southern California. I called her Grammy. When I was little, her lap was about the most comfortable spot in the whole house. From her, I learned about living with only a washing machine, no dryer, and hanging up the laundry on a line to dry, about scheduled meals, four o'clock crackers and grapefruit juice with vodka (good for the blood), homemade candy, the song of mockingbirds, and crocheted washrags. It was the only time I saw her do any type of handwork. She would wear out her kitchen washrag and would need another one. Crocheting merely served her as a practical use. 

So, not having had the foresight to ask Grammy herself (who passed away in '92, God bless her), my aunt Sheila had the answer. 100% cotton was best, she said. Several weeks later, I asked again just to remind myself. "Just a minute," was all she said as she walked into her room, re-emerging with these two lovely washrags she crocheted for me.

Yesterday, I confessed to her that I was having a hard time using them, they were so beautiful. "I knew you would," she told me.

In the picture there is my one and only Brandywine tomato that made it. The only one that came out at all. I think our weather isn't suited for these types of tomatoes. My hubby picked it late at night and thought it had ripened completely, but it hadn't. I had dreams about that tomato...well, I'll still partially fulfill them. 

Next post will be a delicious recipe for Gazpacho soup (but this tomato pictured is not slaughter-bound. It is going between two slices of yummy bread with some basil).


Anonymous said...

Those cotton washrags are beautiful! It would be hard for me to use them, too! You are so fortunate to have such crafty people in your life!

kyndale said...

Wow, I love it. I made them for x-mas presents last year and I think I will make more. They are so soft and lovely! You are so lucky to have wise women around you.

Michelle said...

What lovely washcloths!! I knit a few for the boys baths when I was pregnant, but haven't managed to make them for the house yet. I know exactly what you mean by the "But I can do that myself..." phenomenon :-)

Congratulations on your first Brandywine!! Don't give up, they are SO worth it!! We've had years when we've lost the entire crop, and years when we're swimming in them. That's the thing about gardening, just keep going!

After 3 years of growing corn stalks (but no corn) it really looks like this is the year we'll actually have our own corn...keep your fingers crossed :-)

Enjoy your basil tomato sandwich!

leaning apple mama said...

i just used a handmade dish rag at one of my jobs and fell in love...she had just received them as a gift...i am going to try and make some!!

i am sorry about your brandywines...what happened? was there only one tomato at all? sometimes we harvest ours with green shoulders as well...then they ripen and then we eat them. and they are wonderful...so yours will taste great i'm sure!!!

and i can't wait for the gazpacho recipe!!! i am going to try it (oh....when our toms ripen that is!!)