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Seasons change

well. Thank you for your comments on my last post. I wrote a comment in that post summarizing much of what I'd read from you all. I hope you have a chance to go back and read it. I am so happy to have met so many amazing people with similar goals!

On Monday, I start school. I may have mentioned it before - I can't remember! The year I was pregnant, 2006, I completed two semesters of school for my Master's degree in Public History. But when Tristan came and I barely had time to take a shower, I knew I'd made the right decision to take a break.

I am signed up for two classes but I may need to reduce that to one. I am nervous. I am excited. But mostly I am excited. I love history. Especially personal history and place history and thing history - and these are what make up public history. My husband and I have a little joke - whenever someone asks me a question on world or ancient history I always look to him because really, I don't know much about world history! In college I focused on 19th-20th century American history...boring right? At least as compared to the history of the world? But my hubby came from Iran where schooling was learned and tested in much greater ways. I remember studying Alexander the Great in junior high, but I couldn't tell you much about what I read. My hubby knows all about that stuff though. I think he thinks it's pretty funny that I majored in history but couldn't tell you much about the Silk Road or the Roman Empire. Except from what I watched on HBO's Rome. The last show I enjoyed when my son was a little one. I don't watch TV anymore. Movies occasionally, but T.V....are you kidding?

So when will I study? I'm not getting a nanny and Tristan is not going to day care. I will study in the mornings, during his naps, and if he goes to bed early, I will study at night. Occasionally I can't sleep so I will keep a book near my bed. I've heard people can do all sorts of things with kids, even finish a degree. So I suppose I can do this. But other things will suffer - this blog for one. My crafty projects for another. I hope to post here occasionally though. I use this blog as an outlet for writing, among other things, so when I get excited about something, be sure you will hear about it here.

If for some reason this whole going back to school thing doesn't work, I think my life may change in other ways. I guess I always give myself an out, in case of failure (and not wanting to look like a failure!) But the thing that always motivates me is asking myself, "Is this the life I want to lead? --No? Then what needs to happen so that I am living the life I want to live?" This served as the impetus needed to divorce my first husband, apply for school when I started the master's program, have a child - so many life changing events began with this question.

The next time I write here may be a blast from the past...or maybe just some inspired thought from my classes or reading!


nicola said...

good for you! i want to return to school some day. i think doing it is a brave thing and i will be rooting you on!
good luck!

kyndale said...

best of luck with school. I love taking classes. It will be good to get away to do something you enjoy.

I got my undergraduate while taking care of Amelia. She did go into childcare for 4 hours, two days a week while I was in class. It was an on campus center that was so beautiful and loving. I ended up getting pregnant with Solomon during my last semester of school. It was quite the accomplishment for me.

What classes are you taking?

gardenmama said...

Many blessings to you dear Genny as you start your school year. May you find balance in life and peace in your decisions. I think it is wonderful that you keep your options open and are going for your dreams while nurturing your little one. Make sure to keep time open to nurture yourself in the process! Now I sound like my mom ; ) lol and my response to her is yes mom but what time left in the day would that be?? ; ) I will miss you in this space Genny and look forward to hearing how this all goes for you good luck you will do great I just know it!!!!!


Jodi at Joy Discovered said...

Good luck, Genny! I know you can do this--and do it successfully your way, while Tristan is sleeping, while in the quiet pockets of night. I know you can do this. Enjoy every moment. I hope the history you are taught is the history you've been waiting to learn. Blessings to you! You are in my thoughts and I'm wishing you joy in every *historical* moment you study!

... said...


Been thinking about you! Hope that school is going well--that the transition has not been too challenging and that you're finding the course you're taking to be a good beginning back into the world of school learning!