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If any of you read my very first post back in March, you'd know that a big reason I started this blog was due to the inspiration I received after reading about Amanda Blake Soule's blog in that month's issue of Mothering Magazine. So it was interesting what occurred yesterday, as I was catching up on reading some blogs and got a chance to read a little interview between Heather at Beauty That Moves, a blog I love, and Amanda at Soulemama. Both are lovely, creative women who have wonderful blogs that I enjoy reading. I was so engrossed in the interview that I continued to read the comments posted afterward. So many wonderful comments, but one thread stood out to me. A woman had written something that seemed a little resentful of Amanda, perhaps of her life in general. Amanda took the comment in stride, and responded in a way that looked at the comment as a question. Another reader responded to the woman's comment as well, bringing up some wonderful points - if I can translate into my own words -Amanda's blog is read consistently by so many people because it is consistently thoughtful, real and good. Her output takes a tremendous effort on her part, and certainly, she did not get to where she is without hard work. Reading the two women's comments made me realized how I felt after reading the interview, that which compelled me to continue reading into the comments: inspired. And I think this is why so many of us read her blog. It is truly inspiring.

We can choose to look at other people's lives and be jealous and resentful, or we can turn that around and allow other people to be sources of inspiration. On this note, I just want to say how grateful I am for all of the friends I've made in this "sphere" of my life since March. Nicole, Michelle, Nicola, Jodi, Pennie and Kyndale, thank you for your wonderful blogs and thank you for inspiring me every day!


... said...

As you may have surmised, just started reading your blog not too long ago, so I did not see your first post in March. But, I'm pretty sure I saw your letter to Mothering Magazine in this past issue! I had wondered if it was you, and it seems that it was (yes?).

I, too, was inspired by that article, Amanda Soule, and Amy Karol. That's what prompted me to enter the blog world, and, perhaps more importantly, a more creative home life. And, indeed, it does take hard work, doesn't it?

It's neat to be on this journey with you with a similar starting point!


Anonymous said...

Well, you're awesome Genny! I enjoy reading your blog and I am glad we have become friends. I hope to meet you sometime in the future!

leaning apple mama said...

and thank you genny! i truly love the wonderful people i am meeting on this journey in the blogosphere. i also am inspired by each and everyone one of my new friends and indeed by amanda as well!!

and as a side note...i didn't get the super long comment...sorry. if you feel like it...email me leaningapplemama(at)rocketmail(dot)com ...

Kate said...

I saw that too genny-- and felt the very same way. In fact, I'm writing about it, or more accurately, about how we mamas need to get away from the work of tearing each other down and instead begin to build community. I'll be posting it next week...there is so very much to the subject, and I feel like it needs a bit more time in my brain to brew;)

In any case, celebrating the choice to live with joy, to be an inspired mama, and to make the kind of life you dream of happen-- those things, when looked at with open hearts, can bring more presence and space into our own worlds. Kudos to you for recognizing that.

vchelle said...

Hi Gennysent! Oh gosh! I created and celebrate inspiration daily that's why I created my blog and that's why I officially stamped Mondays on my blog as Inspirational Monday.

I love to hear stories of excellence! We have no need to be jealous of anything or anyone because we all are embodied with the same and that is creativity and love! Thank you for shining your light on my blog and I'm soooooo glad you stopped by. I've been meaning to get here sooner but life has its damands. I will be back to enjoy in your sharing of excellence!! Have a fabulous weekend!

vchelle said...

p.s. Isn't blogging fun??

P.s.s. I send positive energy while you are on your journey of going back to school also! Congrats to you!

Anonymous said...

cool, I just looked at my Mothering Mag and saw they published your comment! How fun!

gardenmama said...

Sweet post Genny!
I too have enjoyed friendship with you and many of the girls you have listed through blogging. It feels like an "instant community" how wonderful to share the bright spots in our days bringing inspiration and finding inspiration through each other!

Michelle said...

Thank you Genny!!

I totally agree with you about the importance of finding inspiration rather than giving in to the temptation of resentment.

In terms of being "lucky," I think it's lucky of us, as a community of like-minded mothers, to be able to connect like this from across so many miles. I am so grateful for the inspiration and encouragement that I find here in this little world of ours.

Thank you so much for being part of it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Genny,
My sentiments exactly! Thank YOU for being an inspiration to me!

nicola said...

oh my goodness! thank you! both for your real comments on soule mama (i admit i have my moments thinking "can she be for real?" but she is a daily read for me, too!) and for your kind words about me/my blog!

i can't even remember how i found my way to you (or vice versa), but i am so glad we connected!

and in answer to your question about where that middle-of-nowhere place is that we go...echo lake off 50. i am certain that many of the cabins have hot water and (solar) electricity, but our friends does not. it is as rustic as they come. and since we don't have a motor boat, we canoe in!

Heather said...

Beautifully put. Inspiration is the key to creativity, and the energy that we can all give to one another is very powerful. I enjoyed finding your blog.