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Dove family!

Remember a few weeks back when I posted about a little dove nested on our deck's lamp? Well, she has had her babies and the little dove family has taken a short little stay-cation in our backyard.

These are the proud parents looking down into our yard, keeping a close eye on their babies!

Here is a little one  - don't worry, I used a zoom so as not to scare them, so, bad picture, but sweet dove!

Can you see the little camouflaged dove family?

I think the little dove eggs were laid late this year, but I'm no dove expert. What a sweet little saga we've been following though. I aimed my camera from up high onto their empty nest looking for shells, because I was curious to see how big they were, and what color they were, but the shells were not there!


Anonymous said...

So sweet! What a fun experience for Tristan, too!

Michelle said...

I love the changes to your blog, it looks wonderful! And the dove family...how precious!!!

I'm stealing a few minutes tonight hiding out to catch up with my favorite blogs :-)

Sounds like you've been having a wonderful time, and enjoying much positive energy!!


gardenmama said...

Your banner looks great Genny!
What sweet pictures of this little dove family : ) Doves are a favorite bird of mine, I love their cooing sounds.