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Feeling guilty in paradise

It has been quite a few days since I have posted...I am out of town. I somewhat guiltily left town, on a planned vacation, without mentioning it to anyone but my family and a couple of friends. But two of my friends called me while I was here and I felt awful trying to hide it from them so I told them, as I'll tell you...Kauai. I am here in Kauai, HI with my hubby and son.

Two important people in my life were really down in the dumps last week and I couldn't bring myself to tell them where I was going. Ugh. Guilt, bad economy, more guilt. Both of my friends were adamant that I should have told them so they could share in my good news, so I think I should just count my blessings for the moment and enjoy the beauty.

We are trying to enjoy this place without spending too much so we didn't rent a car and today we went to the local farmer's market to avoid eating in too many restaurants. Wow! I took great pictures that I'll post when we return. Lots of lovely, tropical fruit and flowers. Our little fridge is overflowing with mangos and bananas and passionfruit!

Summer is a wonderful time of year. I'm thinking about putting in a very small garden for cold weather veggies...is August a time to plant? I have so much to learn. What can be planted in August in California? It's so darn hot it seems like it would burn upon contact with the ground! We've got some good compost to start a garden though. Any suggestions?


kyndale said...

I think lettuce does good in the heat..let me ask my farmer husband!

You're vacation sounds wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are somewhere tropical, enjoying life at a slower pace! Can't wait to see your pictures!

nicola said...

don't feel guilty!
but i admit, i am envious. i have seriously been dreaming of a tropical vacation at night.
hmmm...hope i can conjure up that dream tonight, because that is as close as i am going to get!

Michelle said...

Hi Genny!
Oh, I do hope you are enjoying every moment of paradise:-)

As for gardening advice... first, figure out your hardiness zone. Second, buy some seeds that have planting times that correspond with your zone/time of year. Third, have fun, experiment, and laugh a lot. You'll learn so much with your first garden...we learn more every year!!!

Oh, and "The Have More Plan" by Ed & Carolyn Robinson is our very favorite small-scale homesteading book of all time. The plan is for one acre and has everything a homestead could want!!

Good luck & have fun!