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I went through the back gate this morning into my neighbor's yard to help pick tomatoes. He had underestimated how fast they would grow and how much they would produce...wow! I spent an hour picking cherry tomatoes while Tristan slept in. My neighbor rewarded my efforts with a full-size grocery bag completely filled with tomatoes of all different varieties. 

Needless to say, we'll be eating a lot of gazpacho.



leaning apple mama said...

wow...i can't imagine tomatoes so early:) i can't wait for them. i have never made gazpacho before but i told my husband that this was the year...do you have a good recipe? happy eating!! (i am still waiting for some peas and zukes!!)

kyndale said...

I love gazpacho. It was one of the first things my husband made for me..

Annie said...

Oh how lovely that picture is when it's made bigger! Enjoy them!

Michelle said...

Oh my...the first tomato of the summer, truly an important moment!! Our plants are growing nicely, but it will be well over a month till we bite into the first one...can't wait!!

Oh, enjoy them, and do tell us how the gazpacho came out :-)


nicola said...

wow! how many plants did he put in? may i suggest canning salsa or pasta sauce? yum!

gardenmama said...

A beautiful harvest, how lovely you were able to help your neighbor! Sounds like a wonderful day : )

vchelle said...

Excellent!!! I think of it has a wonderful blessing, opportunity and gift to be able to pick fresh fruit and vegetables right frome the garden to eat!! What better way to keep us connected to the very thing we are.. and that's life!!! Great bowl of tomatoes and so worth the pick!