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Friday Gratitude

a moment of stillness on Willamette River - Portland Marina

Thank you to Erin from the blog Apples for Poppyanne for my gratitude list reminder. My mind is a blank otherwise.

Today I am grateful for ~
~hummingbirds outside my window.
~pomegranate blossoms in all their fire-orange glory.
~picture frames for prints, long rolled in the closet, waiting to be framed.
~original artwork I love to look at.
~drives to places where you can unroll your window, step outside and hear nothing.
~infinite possibilities from finite choices.
~opening the door to smell honeysuckle in the air.
~when people are conscious about the choices they make.
~discovering a blog and feeling really good and comfortable reading it.
~blank canvases and creating something where there was nothing.

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