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Green mountains, Portland, listlessness

Tristan at farmer's market

Back from Portland, I am listless...literally - I need to write out a "to-do" list. But also pittering around listless and trying to get back into the groove of being home. On the drive home Tuesday, there was a rare two-hour period of time that I drove. Usually my hubby drives the whole trip, but he hadn't slept well the night before so he and Tristan were sleeping in the backseat. I couldn't take a picture since I had a wheel in hand, but picture verdant pastures surrounded by equally green and gray mountains, covered with a slight mist and occasional sprinkles...it was heaven to me. Oregon is such a lovely place. California ain't bad either.

Portland was great - we didn't do anything extraordinary...took a lot of walks - to the river, around the neighborhood (near PSU), in downtown. We went to the zoo one day. We got a parking ticket one day. Saturdays are the Portland Farmer's market and I go mainly for breakfast and a show. They have scrumptious breakfast burritos and always a great band playing. Tristan made some friends and they danced to the music while I feasted on scrambled eggs, melted cheese and salsa. It is always so festive on Saturday morning. The farmer's market is why I fell head over heels for Portland. That, and the accessible river, the walkable city, a central place downtown called Pioneer Courthouse square where lots of events happen (but it is called "Portland's living room" so no smoking is allowed!!), and the courtesy drivers show you when crossing the street. Pedestrian-ability is my litmus test for livability in a city. 

Anyhoo, I will hopefully get my head screwed on straight over the next few days and get organized. Thank you for this brief hiatus. I post much better when my head is on so my heart can think...

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