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Gratitude List

I have had two reminders, not very subtle, to do my gratitude list. I think - since it is only 7:40 in the morning and already I have had these reminders, I better do that little list.

today I am grateful for -
-a wonderful new blog I just found called apples for poppyanne. She brings spirituality to the forefront of her writing, and was a nice reminder. I added her blog to my sidebar under "Blogs for the Soul"
-papasoule's friday blog entry. See the Soule Mama blog. Very nice reminder.
-the reminders of what is important
-a bountiful life. So often I get bombarded with things I need to do, "what a hassle" I think. What would my father-in-law (God bless his soul) say about that? change your perspective...and that bombardment becomes bounty.
-my son's unique sweetness.
-the feel of freshly cut fabric.
-raisins or currents in certain rice dishes - they really change it all and spice it up. Imagine a chocolate chip cookie without the chocolate chips. Blah.

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apples for poppy anne said...

I have been reading bits of your blog and am sure we have found a kindred spirit in one another!
I will definately be adding you to my growing list of inspiring blogs and also, when I figure out how, I will add you to my blog page!
I am honoured to have made your gratitude list! You have no idea!
I appreciate your kindness, and thank you for writing to me!