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Mother's day gifts

Last night, my very exhausted son wanted the scissors. My husband handed him two different pairs from the direction Tristan was pointing and got only tears because he was handing the wrong pairs to Tristan! Tristan wanted the ones with decorative edges so he could cut pretty designs on paper (obviously, we have a lot of scissors around - don't worry, they're all out of Tristan's reach). I went up to start his long-overdue bath and a few minutes later, Tristan came up the stairs and ran over to me with a cute little square with some scribbles on it. "Here mommy, happy mother!" Aww, my very first mother's day card from my son. That one will be treasured. 

This morning I woke up to come to this gadget of mine and on my desk was a lovely fuschia-colored orchid and a balloon with a note in my husband's handwriting, signed "Tristan bug  lion"-this from my husband, who is not big on getting gifts for special days. He believes every day should be like a birthday or Valentine's day or Christmas and doesn't need to be told when he should do something special for his loved ones (to his credit, he really does live up to this point of view, and most every day is special with him!) So needless to say, this orchid is lovely and very special.

I got another great mother's day gift in the form of a song. Certainly not for me, it's for everyone, but is very special. I found it on this great new blog I've found called Apples for Poppyanne. A post from her sent me to a lovely Etsy site, which in turn sent me to a myspace site where you can post music, as this gal, Elizabeth Ann Barlow, has here. Listening to both of her tracks at this link this has given me the best feeling of peace this morning. Especially the second track. I love this type of "mountain" music. She sang this song in the woods - her idea was to make it sound as if you just came across someone singing in the woods. I love this. 

Happy Mother's Day.


aimee said...

happy first mother's day! :)

apples for poppy anne said...

I am glad you enjoyed the link! She was singing for the latter half of our visit and it was beautiful. Unfortunately I only had enough cash for the dictionary which I fell in love with!
Happy Mother's Day!