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High fructose corn syrup, groggy morning

I've mentioned before that I read labels, right? There's a reason for that. My (ahem) stepson left a message for my husband recently, and I watched as my husband listened intently, twice, then replayed it for me. He wanted his father to know that "Genny was right," (he he he) that high fructose corn syrup is really not good for you. Not just that, but that it is bad for you. He had done a little research. Corn. Fructose. These aren't that bad are they? It turns out they are. When they undergo the process that makes them into high fructose corn syrup (hfcs), they are. You can read a little bit about that here and here. Don't worry they are not super-long, boring articles. I found a couple that were short and sweet. Do me a favor, even if you don't read the entire articles, just click on that first "here" and peruse it before you read this blog entry any further (unless you're already well-informed on the ills of hfcs). Thanks.

I think the main thing to remember about hfcs is that it is cheaper to add as a sweetener than sugar, and as long as producing food is the gigantic industry that it is (for good reason: we have how many millions of people to produce food for?), the cheapest method will most always win out, regardless of the cost to our health. The other thing to remember about the items you see in food labels is the less nature had a hand in making it, the less likely it's good for you. This is not based on lots of research on my part, just common sense. It's hard because a lot of those ingredients have very complicated names and some of them are awful chemicals and others are just the scientific name for some ingredients. The third thing I go by? Ingredient list length. The longer the list, the more crap is in it - and the less likely I'll buy it. All this is leading toward a healthier life and being more conscientious about what I put into my body. Here's to having a mom and step-moms (o.k., there are two ladies I call step-mom but they both can be included here) who pay attention to what goes in. Thanks for teaching me.

This stems from something. Last night, we decided to take my lovely, cheerful, sweet son to get some ice cream at our local, old-fashioned ice cream parlor. Our local ice creamery is an icon in our neighborhood. It's been there since the 1940's. My step-mom grew up with it, I grew up with it, and now my son is growing up with it. It makes walking certain directions difficult but usually I'll just tell him that I don't have any money when he says he wants to go into the ice cream store (I purposely leave all funds at home), and that suffices, but occasionally we'll take him for a cone. We always regret it. Last night that lovely boy became a little wrecking ball! Recalcitrant, whiny, unpleasant. Why? Is it the sugar? I'll have to see if they use sugar or hfcs to make their ice cream. I am curious about the effects certain items have on our personalities. Personally I think things would be a lot more peaceful and there would be lot less health problems if everyone would just stop drinking soda. Yes, that puts it mildly, but you know what I mean. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie this summer, because I want to know more about agri-business and hopefully scare myself into eating better. You didn't think I just got a cone for my son, did you? Nah, I partook too. A kiddie-sized scoop of Butter Brittle. In a cup.

But I'm paying for it this morning.


Anonymous said...

Go Genny! Great post, very informative.

jenny woods said...

Genny, I must tell you, in recent months I totally regret giving Kaleb any kind of sugar-- because he goes insanely wild (I know, look who is Mommy is), but seriously, it is like I don't know the kid. I cannot not deny him a treat, he too loves ice cream and we do too. I have just had to offer it earlier in the day as well as dilute that juice with A LOT more water! To be fair, I think the high energy of being a boy is coming out more than it did at 2 and 3. Turning 4 has presented a whole new level of physical activity, one I was not prepared for-- running after Kaleb with Levi strapped on has been a little crazy. Thank you for your blog, I so enjoy it.